Enjoying the physical world we are in gives us great joy

Smiling lady - James Garcia

Just because you’re a soul having a human experience doesn’t mean that you’re impatient to go “back home.” Enjoy and appreciate every moment of your human journey, and incorporate laughter and joy into every day.

– James Van Praagh


Photo credit – James Garcia via unsplash.com


Everything that is physical is vibration too

Married couple next to luxury car - Scott Webb


“We want to help you to find and practice and accomplish the vibrational frequency that allows the cars, and the lovers, and all of the physical trappings that are important to you. You do live in a physical world, but there is nothing about your physical world that is not spirit-based. There is nothing about your physical world that is not Source-based.”

– Abraham


Photo credit – Scott Webb via unsplash.com

You create through the power of your focus

Aurora Borealis - Scott Rock

“If you understand that everything is energy, you can also understand that everything you think, believe and feel consists of energy.

Your attitude (or focus) vibrates, and those vibrations affect the quantum fields that underlie, constitute and determine the outcomes of physical matter.

Hence: Your focus actually has the power to alter the appearance of your physical circumstances.”

– Bentinho Massaro


Photo credit – Scott Rock via unsplash.com

Focus on your joys

Planet - Anders Jilden

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.”

– Rita Schiano


When people ask how can they do it when all they can think of are their problems which are so in their face, I suggest – go general and focus on all the well-being around us like

  • the sun came up and it’s not on anyone’s to-do list
  • the earth is revolving in its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets
  • food is not being flown in from other planets. In other words, we are able to grow our own food
  • your heart continues to beat and you trust it will. When you take a nap, you do not tell someone to watch you lest your heart stops beating.
  • the blood in your body continues to flow on its own
  • the earth is just hanging in space and continues to do so

In other words, we are surrounded by well-being. Yes, there are painful experiences too but there is well being too and we can choose what we want to focus on. What we focus on brings us more to feel the same so we might want to be picky about what we are focusing on. When we go general and focus on the well being around us, it’s easier to feel good. When feeling better and stronger predominantly and consistently, one may want to go specific and look at the problem one is facing from a solution oriented point of view and not a problem oriented point of view. Due to the place of strength one is looking at the problem from, chances are high that one will be able to focus on the answer and not the question i.e. on the solution and not the problem. The action which one feels inspired to in this situation will now be from a place of strength and not from a place of lack and that difference in the energy is important.


Photo credit – Anders Jilden via unsplash.com

Addicted to negative thoughts

woman thinking - Kyle Broad

“Are you addicted to negative thoughts?

Your belief in suffering…

It is sort of like an addiction….

You know what an addiction is:

An addiction is introducing something into your systems that your body acclimates to. And it acclimates to it so well that then, when you don’t give it to your body, your body craves it. And there are thought addictions, too, that are the same things. It’s just that the habit of thought is so strong, that when you do something to try to release the thought, it’s almost like it’s become more comfortable for it to be there, than for it to not be there.”

– Abraham


Photo credit – Kyle Broad via unsplash.com