About Life-Coach Sonal

For me coaching means a way to facilitate another’s person’s growth. As a life coach, I believe in building trust by offering a non-judgmental, transparent and emotionally safe environment, understanding the human psyche, creating a partnership with my client and empowering each individual to find the strength within in order to create what they want. I bring an “inside out” approach to life coaching which encompasses relooking at one’s beliefs, questioning assumptions in order to achieve the desired change and live the life one wants. My firm belief is that each individual has immense power within himself/ herself. One just needs to feel the way into harnessing it in order to create what is desired.

My background in psychology makes it easier for me to appreciate structure and psychological research and at the same time, I also understand the value of depth and “being in the flow”. My life coaching approach draws on my background of psychology (education as well as work experience in human resources, learning and development and life coaching) and blends it with spirituality. I believe that for change to be tempting, sustainable and meaningful, it has to make sense to one’s mind as well as touch one’s heart. Blending Psychology with Spirituality helps in this. It brings tremendous clarity, assurance and knowing, which further facilitate the intended change. For me, spirituality is very simple – connecting with your inner being and there are ways to do that. Once a person is connected to his/her inner self, life is easy. Any action done from a place of “connection” is so much full, complete and whole. I do believe in the law of attraction and have benefitted immensely from it to manifest the life I want. It is worthwhile to mention here that out of all the exposure I have had, I have gained enormously from the teachings of Abraham and Louise Hay’s philosophy.

I am so happy when I meet someone who wants to live life to its full potential, who wants to “show up” in life. Its so inspiring to observe the sheer joy in people when they realize the endless possibilities which have opened up for them to pursue, when they see their inner potential in a new way and when they start removing the patterns and beliefs which have stopped them from achieving what they want.

Each and every choice that I have taken in my life has pointed out to my becoming a life coach. All the experiences in my life, all the decisions, all the steps I have taken seem so logical now as each one of them have added to my learning in life and what I bring to the table as a coach. It was natural and inevitable for me to be a Life Coach. Facilitating growth is my purpose in life both for my clients as well as for myself. It’s my path, my passion and my calling in life.

Human Behavior has always fascinated me. Questions on what, why and how we think, our emotions, feelings, dreams, behaviors, actions etc have always been a priority for me. So much so that I thoroughly enjoyed majoring in Psychology during my under-graduation from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, India.

I started my career in 1998 after completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (equivalent to a Masters in Business Administration) from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, India. In the same year, I also finished my Masters in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare from Pune University, India. My passion for Training, Learning and Change Management led me to complete my Diploma in Training and Development from Indian Society for Traning and Development, Delhi.

I have worked in the software industry with companies like SQL Star International and Newgen Software Technologies Limited; in the retail industry with GAP and lastly in the professional services industry with Heidrick and Struggles. This gave me a multi industry exposure. Initially, I did assignments in the overall Human Resources function but slowly moved into training and development per se. My stint at Heidrick and Struggles saw me being responsible for the training function at their Knowledge and Management centre. This, broadly, involved tasks like devising a training strategy keeping the organisational goals as well as the individual goals in mind, training needs analysis, customizing programs, leading them and lastly reviewing them against set objectives. Some of the areas that I led workshops for were Leadership and People Management, Communication and Interpersonal skills, Planning and Organizing skills, Team Building, Project Management and Stress Management.

With the aim of addressing to the need for customized and effective training, I left Heidrick and Struggles to start my own learning and development venture, Habits Consulting. My belief in using a hands-on approach in the workshops helped in balancing concepts with practical examples. The factors that I would attribute to my success in training and development are the ability to empathize, the drive to continuously research and update programs, to match training objectives and outcomes while reviewing the training and lastly, a passion for training.

Armed with a background in Psychology and the experience gained over ten years of work in Human Resource Development across different industries and work environments, I progressed on to Life Coaching. I believe that the work I have done in Human Resources, particularly in Learning and Development, has helped me develop a deep understanding of human behavior and is an asset while coaching a person. I have also turned all that I have felt and learnt from life itself into a strength, which has allowed me to move further and deliberately, consciously and consistently create the life I want. This strength and the way to reach it is something that I share in and bring to the coaching process, which, in turn, benefits the client to not just life passively, but actively create what they want.

On a personal note, I appreciate the wonderful relationships I have with the people in my life but if I were to choose the most profound one, then it has been the relationship I have had with a close relative, whose love and acceptance was extremely important to me. The challenges faced in this particular relationship have led to a huge metamorphosis in me. The ups and the downs spread over ten years have made me realize the power which emotional suffering and pain can have over us and also made me see the power we can have over ourselves, in rising above our pain without becoming cynical and defensive but rather seeing it as a learning opportunity. After a lot of introspection, developing perspective, open & sensitive communication, I have finally come to terms with the situation but in the process have learnt so much about life and about myself, my inner strength.

The biggest contributor to my coaching ability is the passion I have for facilitating people in their quest for living the lives they want. I strive to provide effective coaching which benefits people who undertake it, enabling them to live the lives they have the desire and potential for.

In my life, I have introduced practices like regular yoga and meditation, making gratitude and appreciation a habit, eating healthy and nutritious food, making it a point to indulge in things which I interest me like travelling, reading, watching travel shows etc, distracting myself from any negative thoughts which may turn up by being aware and thinking about things which make me feel good, introspecting and developing myself consistently and choosing happiness as a priority in life. In short, I have simplified my life. Yes, introducing change was initially difficult but when the choice was between “change” and “rock bottom health”, I decided to choose change.

I also decided to see the value behind unpleasant experiences. Rather than fighting the “unpleasant”, I decided to use them to practice getting aligned with myself and thereby helping myself to create even better things. Yes, there are times when I also have knee jerk reactions but knowing the value of the unpleasant helps me in finding ease early on. The knowledge and understanding I have now helps me in reconnecting with harmony and ease much more easily than before. Being appreciative of the present, finding joy in the journey helps me in manifesting the desired and also in finding ease as one goes along life. I feel empowered and motivated to fulfill my inner potential in this lifetime as that gives me the most joy. The expansion, which I am now part of motivates me further to deliberately create the life I want.