The power of feeling positive right now

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“Your life is right now. It’s not later. It’s not in that time of retirement. It’s not when the lover gets here. It’s not when you’ve moved into the new house. It’s not when you get the better job. Your life is right now. It will always be right now. You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now, because it’s not ever going to get better than right now—until it gets better right now. the way you’re responding emotionally to your life right now, is the basis of what is to come.”

– Abraham-Hicks


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Your happiness matters



“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.”

– Abraham-Hicks


When you are happy (and therefore, in a place of strength), you allow yourself to be of so much more value to yourself and to anyone else you would want to be of value to as compared to when you are in a place of negative emotion.


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Looking at what you want rather than what you do not want has value

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“You just can’t look at things that make you unhappy and be happy.

You have to look in the direction of what you want. And the more you do it, the easier it is. And the easier it is, the more you do it. Until before you know it, you’re offering a vibration where only well-being flows to you.”

– Abraham Hicks


Developing our skill to direct our thoughts to what we want, to what makes it easy for us to feel better, to what we find easy to appreciate, to our desires has immense value.  As we practice this skill and allow more feel-good moments predominantly and consistently, two things happen. Firstly, we feel better more often (which is what we want to feel) and secondly, we allow the law of attraction to match us up with all our desires easily and in their full potential. This is a very empowered place to be living life from.


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Love you, Louise Hay


“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”

– Louise Hay

(October 8, 1926 – August 30, 2017)


Somewhere in 2001, I picked up this book by Louise Hay – “You can heal your life” at one of my favorite book stores in New Delhi, India – Fact and Fiction, Vasant Vihar.

Though it took me time to fully absorb the meaning of what Louise wrote in it, this book started my inner work journey. Over the years, depending on my readiness, I got to understand what the book was saying. I went on to read many more of her books, see her videos and listen to the CDs. It’s been great reconnecting to myself, to the whole of who I am and living life from this place of strength. Thank you, Louise, for introducing me to loving myself, no matter what and for sharing how we can love ourselves and I thank myself for allowing myself to reconnect to that love in my life.

Though my Psychology background introduced me to some great work about human psyche and through the years up until now, I have been fortunate to read deep, profound thoughts by some other amazing teachers, Louise Hay holds a special place in my heart.

It is awesome to live life from this place of love and strength and to be able to show those who are ready and therefore, open, willing and receptive the same through the fulfilling work that I do. I hardly call it “work” in the traditional sense of the word – it’s my passion, my calling. It’s awesome to have so much fun in my life and to be able to share “how” I am living such a beautiful life with those who are interested and ready to know. I love seeing the wonderful experiences that I have allowed and am allowing in my life and the beautiful experiences my clients (and also those who are not my clients) have allowed and are allowing in their lives – so much fun! I am glad that what Louise started is impacting so many lives through so many avenues – books, CDs, videos, teachers, her website, Facebook etc.

Next to Louise Hay’s book in this pic is a note which my son wrote when he was three years of age (he is now 9 years of age). In this note, he is affirming that he loves himself…something which Louise Hay taught and further he has written that he loves me too. My son had just started learning alphabets in preschool when he wrote this note which makes it even more cute and special for me as a parent. He used to see me saying my affirmations and doing mirror work at home and just by observing (without me telling him to do this), he absorbed and wrote this. Children learn so much through osmosis. Abraham say that words seldom teach, experiences do. I feel that it’s only through our own example that we have any chances of teaching those who are ready and willing. It is not a guarantee that the other person will learn (which is absolutely okay too…I understand and respect that ….learning as per our readiness is always of more value than learning by being forced in any way…and each one of us has our own beautiful, unique and individual journey) but chances are high. The value of words is that they can lead to thoughts which can lead to experiences which can lead to reconnecting to that understanding and knowledge deep within us all.

Over the years, as I see my son staying connected predominantly and consistently to who he is, to that “knowing” deep within, loving himself and loving life, I feel extremely happy. One of the lines that he often repeats is – “I love being alive.” I feel a deep personal bond with you, Louise (as do many other people in this world). Even though we never met, you have had such a positive influence on my life (and on the lives of so many awesome teachers in this world) and through me (and all the other teachers too), on the lives of all those who are ready for your beautiful teachings. Thank you so much.

Loving ourselves is not arrogance (Louise said that arrogance is always from a place of fear) but a genuine appreciation for the divine expression of life that we are. That genuine appreciation makes it easier to feel love for ourselves and from that place of love, we are of so much more value to ourselves and to anyone else that we want to be of value to. In addition, when we love ourselves, the changes that we would like to make in us and in our lives, would be made from a place of love which has much more value than changes made from a place of lack or criticism or a focus on the absence of what one wants. Loving ourselves is an empowered, joyful, worthy, loving place full of appreciation. It’s a place where we are feeling what we want to feel – i.e. the fullness of who we truly are – pure, positive energy.

Thank you, Louise, for introducing me to Abraham Hicks. You wrote on your website (this is when I first came to know about Abraham Hicks) about Abraham being the teacher of teachers and I totally agree. Thank you, Louise, for touching the lives of so many people in this world in such a positive way. Thank you, Louise, for being you.

I love you Louise and I know you are with us in a much more whole way than you have ever been. I also know that when I feel love for you, it is me allowing myself to reflect your love for me back to you. You are with us and I love love love you from the bottom of my heart. Every fiber in my being, every cell in my body feels love for you

“As I say YES to life, life says YES to me.”

– Louise Hay


You and you

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“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”

― Diane von Furstenberg


The relationship which is the most important is between you and you – the physical you (the one you can see, hear, touch – i.e. interpret with your physical senses) and the non-physical you (what you can feel but can’t see – some call it soul, some call it inner being, some call it source energy, some call it universe, some call it infinite intelligence – all are referring to the essence of who you are – pure positive energy).

When you are feeling good, no matter what, you are aligned with who you are and from this place of strength, two things happen –  firstly, you experience feel-good moments, you feel happy (which is what you want to feel) and secondly, as you continue feeling good predominantly and consistently, you allow the law of attraction to match you up with the abundance (abundance of clarity, abundance of strength, abundance of alignment, abundance of well-being, abundance of vitality, abundance of freedom, abundance of worthiness, abundance of confidence, abundance of love and appreciation, abundance of prosperity etc.) that you want  “easily” and “in its full potential”.

“One who is in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not.”

– Abraham-Hicks


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There is power in alignment


“Some people will only love you as long as you fit in their box. Don’t be afraid to disappoint.”

– unknown


Give yourself permission to stop looking for love in all the wrong places. You may have noticed that even those who love you can’t feel love for you all the time. When they are feeling good and focus on you, they feel love and appreciation. When they are not feeling good (which happens to all of us and that is okay…we are human) and focus on you, they feel negative emotion (could be irritation/ frustration/ anger etc.). They cannot love and appreciate you from a place where they are not feeling good.

Instead of looking at others, if you can look toward your source (some people call it soul, some call it inner being, some call it inner self, some call it infinite intelligence, some call it universe, some call it source energy – all are referring to the non-physical part of you – the part you can’t see but you can feel – the part which is the essence of who you are – pure, positive energy) who is always loving and adoring you, no matter what, you will feel the constant stream of well-being and love flowing toward you at all times.

“The universe knows me, and the universe adores me.

If you will allow it, you will feel the love that flows to you and through you. You are always see, always understood – and always loved.”

– Abraham Hicks


How do you connect to this stream of well-being which is always flowing to you? When you follow your bliss, when you do what makes your heart sing, when you take out the time to focus in a way which makes you feel relief, when you appreciate things which are easy for you to appreciate, when you do what makes you feel good – in all these moments, you are connected to your source energy, to who you really are. You are pure positive energy and that is why you love feeling positive emotions – that is your essence, that is who you truly are.

I would like to add here that negative emotions do have value. They let you know that the way you are focused on a topic is different from the way your inner being is focused on the same topic. Your inner being feels well-being always and when you do not (you may have reasons for feeling the negative emotion that you are feeling and therefore, you get to be right but you do not get to be happy…and happy is what you want to feel), you feel negative emotion. Negative emotions are our indicator that we have pinched ourselves off from the stream of well-being ever flowing to us. We can choose to focus in a way which makes us feel either the same as our inner being or in the vicinity of it. Positive and negative emotions are part of the guidance we were born with – our manual. Positive emotions let you know that you and your inner being are aligned – focused in the same way. Negative emotions let you know that you and your inner being are not aligned. The good news is that you can focus in a different way when feeling negative emotion in order to feel the positive emotion that you want to feel.

Why would we want to change our focus from a negative feeling one to a positive feeling one? Because till the time we do not align with our inner being, we will not feel the relief we so much want to feel. Our inner being will not come where we are (someone has got to hold the light). So, if we want to feel positive emotions, we can consider focusing on better feeling thoughts (either on the same topic or on any other topic which is easy for us to appreciate). It’s a moment to moment choice that we make on an everyday basis. Feeling good is not like a college degree that once we have it, it’s ours forever. It’s a choice we make every day throughout the day.

Why do we want to feel positive emotion? Because that is who we are. Try feeling negative emotions for some time, you will not like that feeling. Negative emotions have value but you do not like feeling them because that is not who you are. Try feeling positive emotions and you love it because that is who you are. Anything that you want – a more nurturing relationship, more money, better health, a bigger house, a great business, a great career etc. is all because you believe you will feel better in the having of it. It is that positive emotion that you are targeting. You love feeling positive emotions because that is who you are – pure positive energy.

Baby steps are all it takes to feel better from where you are. The suggestion is to kind and gentle with yourself on this journey. As you feel better a little more every day, you start allowing feel-good moments more often. You are aligned with who you are more often. The law of attraction is not saying that you feel good all the time every day but even if you can feel good 55% of the time on a consistent everyday basis, you would have managed to achieve a substantial change in your vibrations and hence, of what manifests in your life.

From this place of strength, you allow the law of attraction to match you “easily” with life experiences that make you feel even more positive, with all that you desire – whether it be in terms of the kind of people you like, the financial prosperity you want, the health that you want etc. You feel empowered and strengthen your connection with your worthiness.  You start loving life and loving yourself.

The law of attraction states “like attracts like” – i.e. what you are feeling attracts more to feel the same. When you are predominantly and consistently feeling good (or in other words, you are predominantly and consistently aligned with who you are), you allow the law of attraction to match you with more that makes you feel even more good. You start deliberating, predominantly and consistently allowing the life experiences that you want in your life. Rather than a “facer of your life”, you become the “creator of your life” – the way you intended to be when you came in this time-space-reality.


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